Arkwrights is the local agent for Easypost – the fast, economical and reliable way to send all your mail and courier items out of Spain to the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Simply give your letter or parcel to one of our staff who will calculate the cost.

  • Please ensure you have included the country in the destination address
  • To be safe, please inform the staff if the letter or parcel is for a country other than the UK
  • Write your address (e.g. From …) on the back of the letter in case it has to be returned
  • DO NOT attempt to send anything that contains a battery or liquid! Spanish customs refuse to handle mobile phones, watches and other electronic items that may contain a battery.

UK Passport Service
If you are resident in Spain, Easypost is the most reliable option when renewing your passport. Click here to download the forms and find the latest prices from the official site. Please note:

  • We only send the passports and cannot offer any advice on procedures or filling-out the form.
  • We do not accept responsibility if your passport is returned.
  • You must obtain 100% correct photos as per the passport office requirement. We recommend the New York Photo Studio in Torre del Mar (click here for directions).
  • All passport applications are sent to the UK – they are no longer processed at the British Consulate in Madrid.

Receiving items for couriers
Because many of our customers live in locations without a well-signposted street address, Arkwrights provides a courtesy service for receiving items from couriers. However, you must notify staff beforehand in person or by phone of your name, expected delivery date and email address so that we can contact you when it arrives. Staff cannot accept items without prior notification.

Thank you!